Baby Love

Y'all. I'm about to drop a truth bomb.  I'm going through a spot of baby fever.  I don't know if it's the fact that my best friend just had a baby, or whether the almost three-year-married-itch (is that a thing?) is upon R and I, but a baby is beginning to sound strangely appealing to me.  

Of course it seems terrifying, but I'm starting to feel like...what's next?  The other night I gave R the choice between adopting another dog, having a baby, and getting a tattoo.  He chose the tattoo (although I suspect he was calling my bluff and would never get a tattoo).  

I know we aren't quite ready yet, but... honestly... this picture of my bestie and her precious baby daughter completely slays me:

Is that not the prettiest little girl ever?  Le sigh.

Do you get baby fever?  If you have kids, how did you know it was actually time and that you weren't just swept up with baby fever?


  1. Oh, I get baby fever but it usually passes pretty quickly! I figure I know it will be time when it doesn't go away... That's what happened with me and getting a dog. I always wanted one off and on and then one day it was all on. But who knows!?

  2. I wonder about this too. My mister and I are coming up on the 3 year mark too and we talk about family more and more. We both know we aren't ready anytime in 2014, but I dunno... I'd be fun to see a poll/study on whether or not people "knew" it was the right time (gut feeling) or if they just went on a calculated/biological clock approach and deduced it was time.

  3. Though I am a teen I do feel the same way sometimes. Obviously I would not have one now, at this age, but sometimes I think about it and hope I can have one (or more) someday. I certainly hope you are blessed with a little one someday, when the time is just right for you and your husband :)