5 Beauty Mistakes I've Made

I came across this post by Kallie at But First, Coffee and thought I'd join in.  I've made lots of beauty mistakes over the years and I'm sure there are more that I'm still making now.  Regardless, here are five which were doozies that I've now identified, and fixed!!!

1. Over-plucking and Over-waxing:
 In high school I used to regularly go to the nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed.  I thought nothing of it.  They looked neat and thin and it was easy.  Fast forward a few years.  I was a poor college/law school student and stopped paying for eyebrow maintenance.  My eyebrows grew in.  I got used to how they looked.  I started looking back and pictures and was shocked- SHOCKED at how thin my eyebrows were in high school.  It was not a good look.  Now I do a little plucking by myself, but that's about it.

The evidence:
me and my (now) husband before our Homecoming Dance in 2003

2. Not using any hair product: For the longest time I put nothing on my hair.  Nothing.  I blew it dry and straightened it just as it was.  Obviously I got terrible split ends from doing this, and I knew it was "wrong" but every serum and hair product I'd ever tried weighed my hair down and made it feel greasy.  I got sick of buying products, using them once or twice and hating them, so I just stopped trying.  That is, until I started getting Birchbox.  One month I received Ouidad Climate Control Humidity Gel in my Birchbox and it essentially changed my mind.  It's light and doesn't make my hair greasy.  I put some in my wet hair every day and it keeps the frizz down.  Love it!

3. Not using enough sunscreen: Aren't we all guilty of this?  I tan naturally so when I was a kid my parents were kind of like "ehhh she's fine."  I never had a sunburn until I was about 12 or 13.  I shudder to think how much sun damage I accrued over the years.  Since law school I've started being much more vigilant about sunscreen.  I wear a moisturizer and makeup with SPF on my face every day.  If I'm going to be outside I wear at least SPF 30.  I use it liberally.  I don't want wrinkles!!!

Check out those bathing suit top tan lines (and ignore the red corduroy skirt...yeesh!):

Sometime in college? I think this was an anniversary

4. Being addicted to my flat iron: I have thick, frizzy, wavy hair.  I'm not going to lie, it's pretty bad.  There were some very awkward years back in junior high and high school.  That is, until I got a straightener at age 15.  From then on I used it nearly every day of my life until earlier this year.  Yes.  Was I burning the hell out of my hair? Yes. Did I care? Not at all.  I was so scarred by the insecurity I felt over my frizzy hair that I was never going to turn back.  This year, however, I've taken a step back.  I've learned to do a (decent) blow out on my own and now I only use a curling iron to give my hair some polish.  I feel like I look more age-appropriate and natural.

5. Not moisturizing enough: During high school and college I had pretty bad skin.  I had the kind of acne that was just little tiny flesh-colored bumps under the skin all over my entire face.  In a picture= fine; in real life= awful.  I am still crawling out of the insecurities that caused me.  What I never realized was that my acne was caused by dry skin.  A facialist explained to me that I had a layer of dead skin on top which was blocking oils from getting out, which was in turn causing the acne.  Over the last couple years I've started moisturizing religiously.  I slather on facial moisturizer every morning and every night no matter what.  And guess what? My skin is much, MUCH better!

What about you?  What beauty mistakes have you made over the years??


  1. I use the Olay Daily Moisturizer (yellow writing on it) that is SPF 15 or 20. It's something like $8 at Target.

  2. Omg I'm with you in the flat iron thing - me in high school! Haha

  3. Mine is one of the worst of them all - not removing makeup nightly!