Friday recap

Yesterday was a perfect summer Friday!  

My sister and I laid by the pool during the day.  I got a little law review reading done and worked on my (nonexistent) tan.  Then we went out to dinner with L and A and L's (non)boyfriend and friend from school downtown.  It was really nice!  Later we went over to the girl's house for some beers out on their porch.  It was a nice, relaxing summer night!

Today I'm trying to figure out my game plan.  I need to get some reading done.  My sister is still asleep.  I think we may do a little shopping as well... who knows ! 

Hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday :)

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  1. I heard about the porch extravaganza, I'm so jealous! and W is TOTES L's boyfriend he's just being difficult, haha! 7 weeks till venice!!!!