Where have I been?

Well, I've been busy.  But beyond that, I have redirected my attention to a new blog.  That's right, a new blog!  

While going through my conversion to Judaism, I jumped right in and began hosting holiday celebrations at our house.  I blogged about some of them here and here and here.  In doing so, I came across a problem: a lack of great, classy, simple, modern housewares for Jewish homes.  Don't get me wrong, there are websites out there filled with judaica in every incarnation...but the vast, vast majority of it would not fit in my home.  

Every time I wanted to find something to purchase for our home-- like a passover seder plate, hanukkah candles, or a hanukkah card-- I spent hours combing through endless options that were never quite right.  It was frustrating.  I wanted a blog that would narrow down the options and highlight jewish housewares and decor that fit a more modern style.  One that would be more at home in Martha Stewart Living than your grandmother's house.  I felt compelled to make one myself.

my second post, here!

I have posted twice so far, but I'm still in the early stages of getting it going.  I know that all of you who read this blog are not Jewish and will not be that interested in the new blog, and that's okay.  But, I hope that you will still check in here for sporadic personal posts and updates and that you will share my new blog with your jewish friends.  

Thank you! And happy friday! 


Five on Friday: Conversion Edition

Today is a very different Five on Friday around here, but just humor me.  Yesterday I completed my conversion to Judaism after nearly two years of study and preparation!  I had a fantastic day and wanted to share a little bit with you all.

1. Holding the Torah: 

The Torah is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (the old testament).  It is written on one huge scroll.  I got to hold one which was recovered from the Czech Republic after the Holocaust.  It was really meaningful!  And HEAVY! 

2.  My husband:

R has been my biggest supporter throughout this process.  He attended two semesters of classes with me, answered and endless number of questions, and encouraged me to be confident in myself.  I couldn't have done it without him!  I cannot wait to raise a Jewish family with him :)

3. New Jewelry!

My hubs gave me this beautiful star of david necklace in rose gold.  It is delicate and lovely and 100% me!  I love love love it! 

4. My sister:

My sister has been very supportive of my conversion, even though she is not jewish or religious in a traditional way.  She is a jokester and sent me this snapchat yesterday, which cracked me up.  Thanks, Katie! 

5.  My wider support network: 

I also want to acknowledge my rabbi (on the far left), and my inlaws (the two next to me), who have been awesome throughout this entire journey.  Also, to my girlfriends who have been interested in what I was going through and who have supported me... thank you!  

Mazel to me! :)


Fleet Feet Four Miler Recap

This past Saturday I ran the Fleet Feet Four Miler in Chapel Hill.  It was a part of the Tar Heel Ten Miler race that I had originally planned on running, but since abandoned because 1) the cherry blossom race was harder for me than I anticipated and 2) the Tar Heel Ten Miler is an extremely hilly course. 

I honestly felt great about this decision.  The weather was great that day.  The race would be fun and challenging but no-pressure for me.  Perfect! 

R and I awoke bright and early (5:30!!!) to head to Chapel Hill by 6:30.  The race organizers stressed repeatedly that parking and traffic would be an issue, so to plan to get there a full hour before the 7:30 race time.  

They were right--it was tough getting into campus with the traffic.  We ended up parking at about 6:50 or 7:00-ish and walking over to the bathrooms and then the starting line.  It was chilly in the morning, so I wore a zip up until a minute or so before the race. Luckily I had R to hang onto it for me!

lined up and ready to go
I got off to a speedy start, running the first mile in 10:21.  This is even with doing 5 minutes of running and  1 minute walking repeats.  This section of the race was mostly downhill, but it was pretty crowded.  It started to thin out and we encountered some rolling hills during mile 2.  I ran it in 11:24.  Starting at mile 2.5 and going until about mile 3.5 was the legendary Laurel Hill.  The hill is so steep that they clock you at the bottom and top and you are ranked on just that section as another challenge.  I ran mile 3 in 12:32.  It was brutal, y'all!  Truly!  But I kept going and did mile 4 in 11:53.  

I finished, in the stadium (which was neat!) with these stats:

Clock Time:46:26
Chip Time:45:35
Overall:521 / 1012
Gender:293 / 688
Age Group:52 / 90

SO glad to be done! 
And then I snapped a sweaty selfie on the way home! 

Overall I liked this race a lot.  It was a challenging course but not too long.  I would love to do it again!


Tuesday Catch-up!

Hey, all!  I have been swamped lately.  Work is busy.  Our social calendar has been pretty full.  Blogging has taken a back seat.  Here are some snapshots of what I've been up to:

obsessed with this new nail color-- Essie go ginza.  It's a lil more lilac then it looks here

Made this burrito bowl with cauliflower rice from the Londoner found here... MMM!

Went to  brewgaloo-- a beer & food truck fest in downtown Raleigh (and got new sunglasses!)

Went to a fashion show in North Hills and saw this cute crab print dress
Met this cutie, Bella, who belongs to a friend!

And there you have it!  Some of what we've been up to!


Office Spruce Up

Hey there! 

About a month ago I reached out to my bestie C to help me spruce up my (work) office.  Since I work for the State, the furniture is by and large mid-century hand-me-downs.  Some of the pieces are great, but they are pretty generic and a little boring.  I wanted to give it just a litttleee personality to break up the monotony.  Luckily C is amazing with design stuff and just generally has a great eye.  

Here are a few before pictures:  


haphazard bulletin board

sad coffee station (with removed desk drawers just chillin')

And here is the after: 

additions: fake plant, etsy print of Hemingway quote, new wood/metal frame

desk area: cleaned up bulletin board, added my cherry blossom medal, a plant, etc.

coffee station with new rustic tray, mirror, giant J. 

Much better, right?  And all of this was purchased at Marshalls & Home Goods!  It is such a relief to have my space look a little more "me."  Thanks again, C! 


Five on Friday: 4/18

Good morning!

I'm particularly excited during this Five on Friday because I'm at home this morning, off for the day since Good Friday is a state holiday in NC, and my sister is in town!!! Here's what is putting the kick in my step today:

1. Sister time!!! My sis and I are going to get lunch in downtown Raleigh and then she's going to my hair stylist to get her hair done.  We will also probably do some shopping. Girl time!!!

2. Back to Pure Barre: I got a month unlimited package that was on special for $100, so I am thrilled to be back at it.  I have gone four times so far and I am FEELING IT!

3. My sister's b-day dinner: We're going to Bida Manda tomorrow night to celebrate my sister's birthday (a day early).  It will be a little bit of a challenge because it's passover and R and I can't eat rice, but I'm sure it will still be awesome.

4. Spa Day on Sunday: On Sunday for my sister's actual birthday (big 2-5!) we are going to the spa at the Umstead.  I freaking love this spa.  It's gorgeous and the facilities are great.  I'm getting a body mask that involves a scrub and honey oatmeal mask.  It should be great!  My sister is getting a massage.

5. Mad Men on Sunday night: It's back! I enjoyed the first episode last week and can't wait to see what's in store for don & company.


Baby Love

Y'all. I'm about to drop a truth bomb.  I'm going through a spot of baby fever.  I don't know if it's the fact that my best friend just had a baby, or whether the almost three-year-married-itch (is that a thing?) is upon R and I, but a baby is beginning to sound strangely appealing to me.  

Of course it seems terrifying, but I'm starting to feel like...what's next?  The other night I gave R the choice between adopting another dog, having a baby, and getting a tattoo.  He chose the tattoo (although I suspect he was calling my bluff and would never get a tattoo).  

I know we aren't quite ready yet, but... honestly... this picture of my bestie and her precious baby daughter completely slays me:

Is that not the prettiest little girl ever?  Le sigh.

Do you get baby fever?  If you have kids, how did you know it was actually time and that you weren't just swept up with baby fever?